What to consider when deciding to outsource or insource your IT support

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Deciding whether to grow your business by outsourcing or insourcing your  IT needs comes with a lot to consider.  Most small and medium-sized businesses outsource their IT, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for everyone.

A report published by Deloitte found that 90% of companies that use outsourcing achieve a 25% or better ROI.  But costs may not be the most critical factor in deciding whether to outsource or insource.

What are the benefits of hiring an internal IT staff?

You’ll Have More Control –There are benefits to hiring in-house for those who prefer to exercise a lot of control.  You get to hire the person you want and have immediate access to them.  You can dictate the processes, hardware, software, cloud, and security solutions you prefer.

Your team is onsite – When you have a question or idea, you have someone just down the hall.  They will be immersed in your business and know your operations’ random ins and outs.

What are the negatives of hiring an internal IT staff?

You’ll Pay More – You will have to pay for hiring and onboarding, training, insurance, and possibly overtime.  Also, consider how much it will cost to retain your IT staff once they become invaluable to your company.  Like most skilled professionals, technical engineers will often take the job with the highest pay.

You Can Lose Institutional Knowledge – When an individual leaves, they may take all the institutional knowledge of your IT system.

You’ll Have to Pay For Time Off – Individuals get sick and go on vacation.  You will pay for your IT team’s sick and vacation days when you hire internally.  If you only have one IT staff member, you will be without support when they are gone.

You may have less diversity of IT knowledge – It is most often the case that in-house IT professionals have less knowledge than a team of outsourced IT professionals because they work for a single organization with a limited set of needs, software, and devices.  Outsourced IT professionals experience a variety of IT problems and solutions, providing them with a wider breadth of knowledge over time.

Your investment may not meet your needs –  It’s possible to invest in an IT professional or a small IT staff and come to find out it is still not enough to accomplish the proactive maintenance, security monitoring, network upgrades, and device fixes you need.  Like most departments, IT teams are often stretched thin and unable to keep up with their workload.  Meaning you would have invested a lot of money and still don’t have the security you need.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your IT support?

It’s cost-effective – When you outsource your IT, you can get a team of experts for the price of one.  A Glomark-Governan study found that outsourcing saved manufacturers 21% to 55% on overall IT operational costs.

You get a consistent monthly IT Budget – A quality IT support provider will offer a regular monthly fee for services, consulting, security, and maintenance with a fully managed service contract.  You shouldn’t be caught off guard by extra invoices or service fee disputes.

You get 24/7/365 network monitoring and support – A quality IT support provider will provide round-the-clock monitoring and support.  You don’t have to worry about vacations, sick days, or waking them in the middle of the night.

It’s easier to scale when your business grows – Often, the costs associated with growth deplete the increased revenue.  If you are outsourcing your IT, you can avoid many risks associated with investing in additional hardware, network upgrades, and new employee devices.

You get better security – A cyber-attack is a debilitating event for most businesses.  Protecting your business from a breach is now an essential function of business.  According to an Accenture report, the average cyber-attack cost businesses $200,000.  A quality IT support provider will provide a multilayered detection, prevention, and recovery strategy to protect your business.

What are the negatives of outsourcing your IT support?

There will be change – Part of progress is change.  Adopting proper security measures may require employees to begin using 2FA, change their passwords, or lose access to specific internal information.  Updated hardware and software may look and feel different.  The icons may move to a new place on the screen, and the file paths for apps and information may change.  For employees stuck in their ways, these changes can be a frustration.

Less Familiarity with your company – There will not be someone in your office who knows the inside details of how your company operates.  You will have to schedule some services and communicate when it is ok to do server updates so that no internal processes, like running payroll are impacted.  You will have to relay information such as closure dates around holidays to apply your phone recordings settings correctly.

Deciding to outsource your IT support in St. Louis Missouri.

Outsourcing their IT support is a better option for most small to medium-sized businesses.  It is the most cost-effective solution to achieve their IT needs.  But for some business leaders with a strong knowledge of IT and a desire for control, hiring internally is a good option. 

If you are considering hiring IT support, let NOC Technology provide you with a free assessment of your IT network and needs.  When it’s concluded, you will have the information you need to make an informed decision in your business’s best interest.  Contact us at 314.500.1000 or support@noctechs.com.