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How can managed cloud services
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Assessment and Deployment

When getting started with a cloud computing service, the first step is to build a plan that aligns with your business strategy. A free IT assessment from NOC Technology can help you to understand the benefits a cloud-based business can bring you, and the steps that must be taken to get there.

Reduced Cost

One of the reasons business owners love the Cloud is that it provides predictable costs and moves large, upfront capital expenditures to lower (and often tax deductible) operating expenses. The costs of on-premise data storage, server maintenance, networking, and continual technology upgrades have a heavy impact on small to midsized businesses, and migrating to the cloud can help to mitigate and manage these costs.

Better Security

Our experts have created a highly secured virtual environment to keep your business safe, and operational. NOC Technology’s Cloud is protected by multiple layers of physical and virtual security, keeping your data isolated and protected from cybersecurity threats.

Less Downtime

Reliability is a key value of the Cloud. If a disaster strikes your office, whether natural or man-made – having your data in the Cloud means it will be backed up and available even if your office computers are destroyed.

Agility and Scalability

Growing your business and staying competitive requires adapting to technology and customer demands. NOC provides custom-fit and cost-controlled data infrastructure solutions to scale your business and deploy new technology in hours rather than weeks.

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