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Since 2008 we have provided managed IT support, cybersecurity services, and consultation to government, business, and non-profit organizations. Through 24×7 full-service security monitoring and infrastructure management, we ensure our clients can efficiently operate, communicate, and accomplish more each day.

Your First Month of Service is Free

We are confident in our service and expertise. And we believe you should also be confident before you pay for anything. That’s why we offer the first month free (up to $1,500). If you’re not confident after the first month, you can cancel the contract. That means, we provide you with a no obligation free assessment before you become a client and a no obligation free month of service after.

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Fully Managed Services

You have no IT team and need a partner that can do everything

Time is money. You don’t have time to be bothered with network down-time, computer problems, or cybersecurity concerns. With NOC, you gain a team of expert IT support specialists that keep your network safe and operating efficiently each day. It’s enterprise level support without the cost of full time IT staff.

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Supplemental Support

You have a small IT team but need a partner that can fill needs and focus your time

The pace of your business is racing and you need your employees focused on strategic initiatives, so it’s time to advance your IT department. Partnering with NOC will ensure you gain a team of IT services specialists expertly fulfilling your IT strategy.

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Project Management

You just need a little expertise

You need IT service experts to manage a gap or advancement in your strategy so your IT team can focus on core functions. NOC will deliver expert IT support, consultation, and implementation when it’s time to upgrade your network.

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Your Tech: Managed and Made Simple

Our Promise

We are a small business and fully understand the importance of responsiveness, expertise, and ownership in a partner. Our promise is:

  • To be responsive – We will answer you and your staff’s calls in ten seconds or less.
  • To provide expertise – You won’t speak to a dispatcher, you’ll speak to an expert.
  • Ownership – We will take Information Technology off your mind and “just handle it”

We want to provide you with IT peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

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What Our Customers Say

The Magnet Group

“NOC Technology  has been able to bring subject matter experts to us. This has allowed projects to be completed rapidly while ensuring a high-quality outcome. We couldn’t have completed the same number of tasks with a single additional full-time tech added to our staff. We are very happy for what NOC Technology has done for us.”

City of Washington

“NOC Technology provided us with exactly what we needed, on time and to our specifications. Their IT expertise is something I can depend on to meet the demands of our organization.”

Marketing Group

“NOC Technology recommended and installed hardware and software solutions as well as provided training for staff.  This allowed our team to adapt to the new IT environment as quickly as possible.”

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