VoIP and Phone Systems

Get Reliable, Quality Telecommunication with VoIP and Phone systems from NOC Technology.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, converts voice into digital data that gets transmitted over an internet connection. VoIP solutions provide many benefits, including:

  • Increased mobility, connection, and security for every level of your organization
  • A much more cost-effective solution than other traditional phone systems
  • No need to buy hardware or worry about long-distance calling costs
  • Have access to worldwide communication
  • VoIP is easy to use and scalable

Take your business to the next level with VoIP systems from NOC

Your company’s telecommunication system is the foundation for all communication and network that happens within your business. That’s why you need a well-designed system that will provide your business with the reliability, productivity, and ability for growth necessary to succeed. At NOC, we are experienced in helping forward-thinking IT leaders design, use, and manage VoIP systems to grow their businesses.

 Since 2008, we’ve helped companies like yours outsource their IT support confidently by providing 24/7 support and long-term strategic guidance.

NOC supports all telecom and data systems, including VoIP, traditional, and hybrid models. Our telecom solutions take the complexity out of communication systems—reducing both security risk and cost.

As your telecommunications partner, NOC will coordinate with vendors and service providers for you as we manage your traditional phone, internet, and broadband providers.

Traditional Phone Support

NOC also offers traditional phone support with landline systems as a service. Don’t let any calls go unanswered when you partner with NOC. Our phone support will help you achieve improved conferencing and collaboration, high-quality sound, smart forwarding for mobile and remote team members, intelligent call distribution, and the best part, an affordable monthly bill!

Hybrid Models 

Whether you’re considering switching to a VoIP system in the future, or you simply want the best of both worlds, NOC can make that happen with our hybrid model support. Get the benefits of both VoIP systems and traditional landline phones. Our hybrid models are a comprehensive solution to your business communication needs. We can provide you with core software, landline phones and headsets, a suite of mobile applications, and worldwide communication access. Hybrid models give your team the flexibility it needs to stay competitive in today’s market. Hybrid phone systems have many advantages, including:

  • Reduced calling costs
  • No-risk migration to VoIP
  • An effective way to manage peak call times

With a hybrid VoIP and traditional phone model, you can give your team some time to get used to a VoIP system while still having the traditional phone system to fall back on. At the same time, hybrid telephone systems also implement traditional phone technologies and VoIP calling simultaneously to ensure that your business’ telephone services are never interrupted.

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