How to defend against social engineering

A defense is only as strong as its weakest link. In cybersecurity, this is usually the end-user, as in humans. Cybersecurity applications can make billions of algorithmic decisions to identify threats and vulnerabilities every second. But humans are susceptible to manipulation and deception. This is why cybercriminals use social engineering techniques to commit their crimes.

Social engineering uses psychological manipulation through human interactions to trick end-users into making security mistakes or revealing sensitive information. Social engineering is a common tactic because it is far easier for a cybercriminal to exploit humans than to find a network or software vulnerability. This is why phishing emails are so prevalent.

Strategies for Defending Against Social Engineering

You can however mitigate social engineering attacks with a multilayered cybersecurity strategy. Here are a few critical components to a successful strategy.

Spam and DNS Filtering

Use a strong Spam and DNS filtering platform. DNS filtering prevents you from accidentally visiting a malicious website. Spam filtering keeps phishing and junk emails out of your inbox.

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Provide employee cybersecurity training. As sophisticated as Spam and DNS filtering can be, cybercriminals still find ways around them using social engineering. Cybersecurity training teaches common tactics used by cybercriminals so that employees learn how to identify suspicious activity. Employees with cybersecurity training are far more confident in their suspicions and more likely to take precautions with malicious emails.

Backup and Recovery

Always make sure you backup your data to multiple onsite and offsite locations. Backups allow you to restore data to a point in time before the breach occurred, meaning if a cybercriminal breaches the first- and second layers gaining access to your network, you can recover the compromised information

Managing Risk and Controlling Costs

I can’t exaggerate the prevalence of cyber-attacks and how debilitating they can be. 70% of small businesses that experience a significant data breach go out of business within six months. Cybersecurity and reliable IT are fundamental to success in business and essential to controlling costs.

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