Email Protection

What can NOC Technology’s Email Filter do for you?

NOC Technology’s Email Filter blocks over 99.9% of spam, viruses, malware and other email threats. We provide advanced email security for your business without making it complicated. Unsolicited emails, phishing attempts, spoofing and illicit content are just some of the categories of unwanted email that NOC Tech’s Email Filter blocks.

Hundreds of advanced tests scan your email separating unwanted email and security threats from the email that you need to run your business. NOC Tech’s Email Filter keeps learning too, becoming more resilient over time, continuously improving your protection.

Double Antivirus Protection

Dual anti-virus protection makes sure that you are doubly protected against the threat of viruses that are circulated via email. NOC Tech’s Email Filter has two on-board virus detection engines that constantly scan in bound mail for malware and viruses.


Robust protection for your email infrastructure that is always up to date and evolving to protect your business. You are guaranteed to see spam decreasing overnight.


Small business, big business or something in between, NOC Tech’s Email Filter flexibly caters to your needs.


Get up and running in minutes. Intuitive interfaces and reports that you can understand make your email security easy. This allows you to set and forget your email spam filter saving precious time.

NOC Tech’s Email Filter protects your business by blocking spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails.

Most importantly it’s an advanced and highly effective Spam blocker. It has a market leading 99.99% Spam Catch Rate with a 0.003% false positive rate.

It is a very affordable, effective and easy to use solution simply set and forget.

Set-up is very easy and your business will see immediate results. NOC Tech’s Email Filter is easy to deploy, manage and use.

Double anti-virus protection so your Spam blocking is twice as effective.

Allows whitelisting and blacklisting, advanced reporting, recipient verification and outbound scanning of email

Strengthen your Office365 email security against Malware through a defense in depth approach

We prevent whaling and spear phishing by scanning all inbound emails in real time