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A study by Deloitte looked at small businesses in the United States that are more “digitally advanced” than their peers. These businesses make intelligent use of their technology and harness its advantages. The study found that they are excelling far ahead of their competition. Key findings include:

• They earned 2x more revenue per employee than other small businesses.
• Their year-over-year growth was nearly 4x higher than other small businesses.
• Their average employment growth rate was 6x higher than other small businesses.

Much of how businesses operate depends on technology. So, it makes sense to look to your IT for areas of optimization. Here are some technology review tips to set you up for success and security.

Identify Employee Pain Points

Talk to your employees about their IT pain points. What IT issues are affecting their productivity and mental well-being? Ask questions about their favorite and least favorite applications. What technology could you improve upon to make their jobs better? This survey can help you target the most impactful improvements.

Evaluate Customer-Facing Technology

The first impression of your business is often made through technology. Put yourself in your customer’s position and evaluate their customer experience. Evaluate your contact and intake process. Is your point of payment experience smooth, and is the customer information collected and secure?

Identify Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Missouri law requires businesses to inform their customers when personal information is compromised. Companies are fined up to $150,000 for willful non-compliance. Have your IT team perform a security assessment or contact a managed IT service and security provider (MSSP) like NOC Technology to perform a network and security assessment. We offer free assessments.

Review Cloud and Shadow IT Applications

Do you have applications you pay for but hardly use? Do you have applications with redundant features? A review of your applications can help you cut waste and save money. You should also look for uses of shadow IT applications by your employees. These can be anything from music streaming apps to design or project management applications that are not approved. Many of these contain security vulnerabilities. Remove this security risk by either closing the accounts or officially approving them.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Have you noticed that schools do disaster and incident response drills throughout the year every year? That is because they understand the precious assets they are responsible for and the legal repercussions of negligence. Do you know how you would run your business on Tuesday if a fire burned everything on a Monday?

Schedule A Network and Security Assessment Now

Our IT experts provide free assessments and consultation for businesses with multiple computers and employees. We can guide you through a technology review so that you can be more digitally advanced and profitable.